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Ultrasound-guided pleural and pericardial puncture model MW17

time:2019-01-07      See:884

|  Original import. Accurate anatomical structure with highly realistic skeletal and soft tissue markers: manubrium sternum, sternum, cartilaginous joints, clavicle, ribs, pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi. It can be directly examined by the real clinical ultrasound diagnostic instrument, with real ultrasonic echo and decay coefficient, and can display the image of model organs by the ultrasonic equipment.

| product can conduct ultrasound-guided puncture decompression for tension pneumothorax. After successful puncture, the change of internal structure can be clearly observed through ultrasonic examination.

| can be used to insert thoracic drainage tube under ultrasound guidance, open or reduce the insertion of thoracic drainage tube: the correct incision position can be identified, and the drainage tube can be inserted, and pleural puncture drainage can be achieved through blunt separation of chest wall.

| chest wall drainage tube wound suture.

| model can perform bilateral thoracic drainage and puncture decompression.

| internal anatomy such as the diaphragm and collapse of the lung can be observed by ultrasound.

When performing pneumothorax puncture, correct insertion of puncture needle can achieve realistic exhaust.

| model can perform pericardiocentesis, and simulated fluid will flow out after successful pericardiocentesis.

| pericardiocentesis and pneumopleural puncture wearing modules can be selected according to clinical requirements.