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Ultrasound guided thoracic puncture module (wearable) MW4A

time:2019-01-07      See:890

|  Original import. Accurate anatomical structure with highly realistic skeletal and soft tissue markers: manubrium sternum, sternum, cartilaginous joints, clavicle, ribs, pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi. It can be directly examined by the real clinical ultrasound diagnostic instrument, with real ultrasonic echo and decay coefficient, and can display the image of model organs by the ultrasonic equipment.

|The  module has a square structure and a lifelike appearance. It can use clinical real ultrasound equipment to obtain high-definition ultrasound images.

| can touch the simulated ribs.

| needle tip punctured the epidermis with a real sense of resistance and needle penetration.

| can simulate complications during the operation, and can be used for ultrasound-guided puncture with real ultrasound equipment.

| is worn on real people to facilitate the determination of puncture position and face-to-face communication with real people.