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Beijing General Boom Commercial Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise of professional research and development and marketing network headquartered in CBD of Beijing. We can provide modern medical simulation education solution, serve and satisfy the domestic medical institutions and medical colleges. At the same time, we also import a large number of international medical teaching resources and have a consulting team of medical experts.


Since establishment and after years of development, our product line includes: VR virtual teaching series, radiation image teaching series, ultrasound diagnosis and intervention teaching series, OSCE system and medical education information platform. Our products also cover basic medical teaching line of inside and outside children's emergency care with a total of more than 1300 series.


Our company has nearly hundreds of employees with 6 office branches in China, more than 20 research and development persons, and independent research and development for software patents for medical teaching management system. We obtained a high-tech enterprise certificate in 2016 and has built hundreds square of DEMO labs with a superior quality. General Boom has established a marketing service network covering the whole country and provide perfect customer experience and high quality services.


General Boom, as the general agent of KYOTO KAGAKU in Japan, SIMnext in America, BT inc. in South Korea, we also has established a long-term and close strategic partnership with lots of international well-known brands, such as GE Healthcare, Dutch Medical X, Intrasense in France, Panasonic in Japan, HITACHI and other companies.