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Ultrasound-guided PICC puncture model MW18

time:2019-01-07      See:894

|   A training model for puncture and intubation of central vein and peripheral vein of jugular vein and subclavian vein in human body.

| model has no overall skin covering, and has lifelike blood vessels and sternal anatomical structure (internal jugular vein, subclavian vein and cephalic vein, guiyaowen vein and cardiac great vessels). The internal trend and structure can be observed during the puncture process, and the blood trend can be observed.

When replacing skin and blood vessels in | model, it is not necessary to replace the whole peripheral skin and blood vessels, only the module between the middle of the elbow and the upper arm can be replaced, and the module can be nested into the upper arm.

| model allows the arm and shoulder to move up and down, changing the orientation of simulated blood vessels and training puncture positioning to avoid misalignment of catheters.

| ribs and right clavicle to determine the length of the catheter and the anatomical structure with the correct PICC tip.

| can realize different levels and positions of jugular and cephalic vein intubation, and the ultrasonic puncture module can be replaced, as well as separate structure teaching.

| enables complete ultrasound-guided central catheterization training, providing authentic puncture intubation for correct thoracic vein anatomy, and simulated complications.

| has hd image quality and tip ultrasound visualization guided venous access.

| venous access "flashback" confirmation