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Ultrasound guided central venipuncture model M93UB

time:2019-01-07      See:892

|   A safe and effective subclavian puncture model and an independent ultrasound-guided puncture training module can be used to cultivate the basic sense of ultrasound-guided puncture, laying a foundation for further simulation operation.

| supports the practice of three puncture routes: the supraclavicular route, the subclavian route and the internal jugular vein route.

| three training modules:

| model has no head and is standard equipped with three sets of replaceable modules. Each module can be nested in the model and can be replaced at any time according to teaching requirements.

| guidance training module, with true pure transparent anatomical structure, has puncture pathway structure design, red and blue blood vessels respectively show the artery and vein composition, which is very helpful for teaching and teaching of puncture, and helpful for learning and mastering basic ultrasound-guided puncture.

| transparent puncture practice module, real skin, with pure transparent puncture tissue after the skin is unveiled, containing blood vessels, and the Angle of the needle can be seen when the skin is unveiled after the puncture.

| full simulative ultrasound puncture training module. Real skin with flesky puncture tissue, with the training difficulty can step up, step by step examination function.

| high quality imaging quality.

| mimics various complications to help trainees learn from failures. The unique model of precise anatomical connection of subclavian vein, right internal jugular vein and superior vena cava has been realized (marked puncture pad and transparent anatomical module), which is very effective for intubation training.