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CT Whole Body Phantom PH-2B

time:2019-03-05      See:1965

·         The products are imported with original packaging with an accurate human anatomy structure and are designed according to 1:1 real person ratio.

·         It contains not only flexible limbs, hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint and wrist joint, but also real whole-body bones, organs of blood vessels, nerves and spinal bones, etc.

·         The simulator is designed for imaging education of real clinical CT, X-ray machine and vascular. The X-ray absorption rate for the bones and organs is the same as the real life-sized simulator.  The radiofluoroscopic images similar to the real life can be obtained from both general equipment and CT. Support 3D image reconstruction.

·         The movable type of joint design allows shooting position according to the clinical practice and all parts can be removed for separate usage. It can be used for image teaching, training technicians, image quality management, equipment research and development and other various aspects. 

·         No harmful substances and metal materials.