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X Ray/CT Lumbar Imaging & Puncture Simulator PH-51

time:2019-03-04      See:1005

·         The products are imported with original packaging, with accurate human anatomy structure and are designed according to 1:1 real person ratio.

·         The simulator contains simulated bones,which close to the real bone density structure.

·         The simulator can be used as an ideal training tool for lumbar puncture and lumbar fluoroscopy under the guidance of internal ultrasound, with hands-on discussion ability. The X-ray lumbar fluoroscopy training simulator allows the fluoroscopy to guide program to perform various training methods for pain relief in the lumbar area.

·         This product contains a kind of unique material with a ray absorptivity similar to human tissues and can obtain 3D structure of front and side images, just like images obtained from real patients.

·         The simulator contains two types of interchangeable training blocks: vertebroplasty and anesthesia block. It is capable of displaying the image of lumbar vertebra under X-ray.

·         Lumbar L2-L5 can be visualized in X-ray.

·         The anatomical fluoroscopy structure can identify the bones, ligaments, cartilage fibrous rings and yellow ligaments of the lumbar, etc.  

·         The epidural anesthesia guided by fluoroscopy: injection into small joints, root blocks and needle positions.