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Senior comprehensive nursing model YAE MW25

time:2019-01-07      See:922

Full-function caregivers have a series of nursing operation training functions, which can simulate various operating environments. Meet the training of various skills in nursing teaching.

Full-function nursing simulators have more than 40 training skills, meeting the needs of different levels of nursing skills training.

The simulated human abdomen is soft and elastic, which can be used for chest and abdomen evaluation, as well as deep palpation training.

Capable of chest and abdomen examination, palpation and percussion.

Venous access puncture and nursing:

Left median vein: intravenous injection, infusion, and cannula fixation

Fixation of left dorsal vein and infusion tube

Models of facial skin, wigs and genitals are interchangeable and can simulate patient appearance Settings of different ages, genders and personalities.

Tracheal intubation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training are available. It can simulate the environment such as preoperative and ICU and perform intubation-assisted training.

Real devices are available: endotracheal intubation (laryngoscopy and electronic laryngoscopy), chest heaving (pulmonary dilatation), chest auscultation, chest compressions.