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Obstetric Examination Simulator MW34

time:2019-01-07      See:1423

Simulates the real 39-40 weeks gestation female chest and abdomen department design, in strict accordance with the correct anatomical structure production, pubic symphysis, navel, xiphoid process, iliac crest, great rotor and other physiological structure is clear, including the pelvis and the fetus have the characteristics of complete simulation

| Soft elastomeric tissue material that provides true texture

| It can complete the training of basic skills of prenatal examination, including prenatal examination, auscultation of fetal heart, abdominal measurement, etc.

| Fetal device can simulate the position of various fetuses in the abdomen and satisfy the auscultation training of different fetal positions.

| It can support stethoscope and traditional stethoscope stethoscope stethoscope.