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Ultrasound guided lumbar/epidural puncture model M43E

time:2019-01-07      See:916

|   This model can be used as an ideal training tool for lumbar puncture and lumbar fluoroscopy under the guidance of internal ultrasound. The model endothelium with flesh-colored translucent ultrasound module can be opened for ultrasound and puncture operation, and the internal structure can be taught and used.

| has square structure on the outside and magnet on the corners, which is convenient to open at any time. The inside is a brown-red translucent module for students to observe. The skin is allowed to be marked with a marker.

In strict accordance with the principle of anatomy, | module can completely show the anatomical structure of the 7th and 5th lumbar vertebrae, which is consistent with the bone characteristics of real people, and can be operated and examined by clinical real ultrasonic diagnostic equipment.

| can not only practice the resistance vanishing method realistically on the model, but also simulate the different feeling of the straight method and the side method.

| ultrasound guided lumbar spine image was clearly visible, and the image data obtained by clinical patients were exactly the same.

| ultrasound guided lumbar puncture puncture practice, and cerebrospinal fluid collection and pressure measurement. Can be placed according to the requirements of clinical posture arbitrary upright and transverse.

| can be used for ultrasound-guided epidural puncture, with realistic puncture and disappointment feeling, which is the same as the real human hand feeling