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Ultrasound Check Simulator for Female Pelvic and Vaginal US-10

time:2019-03-05      See:1028

|       The images of imported simulators with original packaging obtained from ultrasound check are similar to that of humans. Avoid the inconvenience between patients and students practice through repeatedly scanning training probes. 

|      Simulator appearance: This is the asian adult female simulator similar to real human for hip training. The simulator is from the abdomen to the root of the thigh with the standard of bent legs. The unique feature of the pelvic simulator is that it can start scanning from the abdomen and vagina. It is similar to the real pregnancy check in gynecology department and its precise anatomic structures can be used as important recognition of abdomen. The patients may put forward point of view on anatomic structures and pathological cases in vaginal aspects.

|     The simulator can obtain images through intra-vaginal and percutaneous ultrasound check. 

|     Support transdermal and intra-vaginal ultrasound probes, solve ultrasound technology and localization by intra-vaginal and transdermal ultrasound check and obtain ultrasound imaging(through abdominal and intra-vaginal check).

|     Train clinicians to practise vaginal ultrasound skills.

|     Real vaginal ultrasound training and transdermal procedures for the disease are included.

|     Accurately simulate the sensory and imaging characteristics of real human tissues.